A Study On Healthy Potion

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Healthy Potion is a business specializing in manufacturing and selling beverage with unique functions. This business has gained significant profits, therefore, it decided to expand and diversify the products to be a leading company in healthy products market by creating the diet pills products. To achieve this version, the business needs to formulate a feasible strategy to succeed in the complementary medicine market. This essay is intended to analyze the use of the 4Ps to help the business and also provide recommendations on how to enhance its strategy of development though marketing mix. Product A product is anything that can be offered to a market for attention, acquisition, use, or consumption that might meet people’s satisfaction or demand (Kotler and Armstrong 2014).The healthy portion diet pill is one of the “shopping products”, which would take consumers considerable amounts of time to make the final choice. The competition among the diet supplements is quite fierce, but a new venture could still manifest the competitive advantages if it masters and utilizes the concept of the total product. The main idea is to add more customer value in each level. (Kotler and Armstrong 2014). At the core product level, the company should realize that what the customers actually want to pursue is keeping in health in a convenient way. A number of consumers intend to shape a slim figure without bearing the pains from high-pressure exercise. At the actual product level, the Healthy
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