A Study On Heart Failure

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Study Limitation During the study, we faced some difficulties. First, it was difficult to find enough number of participants in heart failure physicians. Second, the time to discuss with the physicians was limited because the physicians had appointments with their patients. Third, two of the physicians took the survey and sent back the results by email, so we could not discuss with them face to face. Heart Failure Telemonitoring Benefits Applying heart failure telemonitoring system to the patients who have a chronic heart failure disease will provide a great number of benefits. These are three main benefits that were found in several research papers: 1. Decreasing mortality: Research by Atkin and Barrett (2012) shows a study on random 426 patients with heart failure. these patients were receiving usual care, nurse telephone support or telemonitoring. They found that “telemonitoring enabled rapid up-titration of heart failure medication, such as angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitors and adrenoceptor beta-blocking drugs (beta blockers), and was associated with an increased chance of symptoms improving or resolving.” Also, the research shows a decrease in one-year mortality in the patients who used the telemonitoring 29% compared with the patients who received a usual care 45% [1]. 2. Reduction in hospital admissions: Steventon et al. (2012) showed that using the telemonitoring in the patients who have a chronic heart failure or other long-term conditions reduced the

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