A Study On High School

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High school senior Timothy Williams woke to the sound of wind scraping the desert sand across a glass pane of his third floor Samarra Hotel room. In the pitch-black room, he rolled over to see the nightstand. A digital clock showed the current time at 9:37AM. Tim thought to himself, Shit! Their buffet breakfast began at nine. They were running late. Tim hated the thought for being late, for anything. Tim pushed his back upwardly, propping up his elbows to survey his modest surroundings. The Hotel Samarra room had two twin beds, divided by a nightstand and a wobbly brass lamp. A dresser sat nearby the foot of Tim 's bed with a 1980 's Sylvania TV/VCR combo set. Across from the dresser was a raggedy desk and chair, nearest the entrance. It reminded Williams of a motel accommodation. Which was fine, he just hoped that the Minister Mike 's New Oasis Church wasn 't paying big bucks for such arrangements, although the Hotel boasted its safety. Tim pondered, Could anyone actually be safe in this place? However, the darkness outside made Tim 's mind questioned to himself, Was this an eclipse? Or am I 'm dreaming? Or is the time off? Another gust pelted the glass. This time it caused his roommate, Kwan Shin, to moan from his deep slumber. Kwan turned over to face Tim 's direction. Shin 's plump limbs were tangled among linen. “That noise. Please. Stop it,” Kwan spoke, half asleep. Tim rose from his bed wearing his gray cotton shorts, while his brother 's dog tags and stainless
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