A Study On Hilton Hotel

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Hilton Hotel is founded by Conrad Hilton, they started their operation since 1919 and since then, they become one of the well-respected premier hospitality organizations with diverse employees worldwide. Currently, they have more than 4,600 owned and franchised hotels and resort chain in 100 countries. It has more than 200,000 rooms to accommodate guests from different parts of the world. It has more than 400,000 employees and team members to answers the needs of their guests (Hiltonhotelworldwide.com, 2016). In most of their branches their organizational structure is simple, with managers and supervisors from a different department, including admin, marketing, finance, human resource, concierge, food and beverages, housekeeping and etc. They also have team members and employees from Asia, and Africa and other nationalities worldwide. The common problem and issues that they have found among new employees are language and cultural differences that are creating barriers when it comes to cooperation. There is also occasional disrespect of ethnicity, colors, and discrimination of white and black. These problems are common with multi-national organizations with a diversity of employees, but Hilton Hotel is committed to developing and maintaining a well-rounded organization to enhance their competitive advantage. They continue to attract diverse workforce to strengthen their value and market leadership using different management strategies to solve these issues. Hilton Hotel
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