A Study On Hybrid System

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2. 1 Literature Overview

The following literature survey for the current report consists of various papers on hybrid system published in the IEEE conferences and the journals. The conclusions and explanation is also described

2.2 Early Developments
2.2.1 Comparison of simulation results of three level & five level H-bridge multilevel inverter by mamta N. kokate
The conventional two levels Inverter have many limitations for high voltage and high power application. Multilevel inverter becomes very popular for high voltage and high power application. The multilevel inverter is started with the three level converters. The elementary concept of a multilevel converter to achieve higher power to use a series of power semiconductor switches with several lower voltage dc source to perform the power conversion by synthesizing a staircase voltage waveform. However, the output voltage is smoother with a three level converter, in which the output voltage has three possible values. This results in smaller harmonics, but on the other hand it has more components and is more complex to control. In this paper, study of different three level inverter topologies and SPWM technique is explain and SPWM technique has been applied to formulate the switching pattern for three level and five level H-Bridge inverter that minimize the harmonic distortion at the inverter output. This paper deals with comparison of simulation results of three levels and five
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