A Study On Immigration Research Essay

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Maddy Zhu
Anthropology 3AC
GSI: Naomi Schoenfeld, Section: 107
December 1, 2016

Immigration Research Paper In the spring of 1983, Henry Zhu, accompanied by his parents and older brother, immigrated from Guangzhou, China to Brooklyn, New York with nothing more than 2 suitcases and $2000 of pocket money for the family. His parents, a physician and school principal, decided to uproot their family and migrate to the United States because of the success from close relatives, who had immigrated to New York approximately a decade prior for better education and better paying job opportunities. Both Henry and his brother sought to follow in their father’s footsteps as a physician, and with America’s prestigious educational system, it seemed obvious at the time for their family to do so. Although adapting to the culture and environment, while having to live stringently from economic hardships, was difficult, Henry was able to fulfill the dream that was instilled in the minds of both him and his parents, as he continued his higher education at Harvard College and Harvard Medical School to reach his present day status as a cardiothoracic surgeon. “The primary reason we moved here from China was economical,” Henry explained when asked why (in-person interview, September 28 2016). After observing the economic success from his uncle who immigrated from Hong Kong in the 1960’s, Henry and his parents believed the United States was the greatest source of wealth and opportunity for both
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