A Study On Investors Preferred Mode Of Investments Essay

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“A Study on Investors Preferred Mode of Investments.’’ Abstract: Investment is an activity that 's engaged in by people that have savings i.e. investments are made up of savings, or in different words folks invest their savings. a spread of investment choices are out there like bank, Gold, assets, post services, mutual funds etc; thus on. Investors invest their cash with the various objectives like profit, security, appreciation, financial gain stability. Investors have studied the various avenues of investments in India. The study employs a structured online survey form. The current study identifies the well-liked investment avenues among the individual investors. The study relies on primary sources of knowledge that is collected by distribution of an in depth all over form. The information has been analyzed in proportion, chi-square check, and person correlation with the assistance of applied math code. The investor has analyzed the various aspects that the investor considers before investing. I. Introduction The developing countries like India face the big task of finding decent capital in their development efforts. Most of those countries find it troublesome to urge out of the vicious circle of poorness of low financial gain, low saving, low investment, low employment etc. With high capital output quantitative relation, India desires terribly high rates of investments to form success in her efforts of accomplishing high levels of growth. Since the start of
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