A Study On Korean University Curriculum

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According to the above research about Korean university curriculum, most of courses aim to educate BIM, which means they are fully related to BIM. On the other hands, a few of them are digital graphic representation course, which educate BIM modelling in order to improve architectural presentation skill.
Additionally, engineering program curriculum of the 10 universities, mentioned previously, are also researched in order to find out whether their engineering programs have any cooperation courses for BIM education. In engineering program, BIM is able to apply on administration of construction process, integrated design delivery project, construction management, structural analysis, and costing construction, and it has many other related subjects which is able to applied indirectly. However, only 2 universities have BIM course, and 1 university is planning to apply into the engineering program curriculum among the previously mentioned 10 university. According to the Universities’ engineering program curriculum, their major goal of the courses is that students have effective architectural digital design skill and flexibly responding technique to the design changes during the project. Moreover, during the courses, student can understand how data or information of architectural design is shared with construction by computer science and digital technology in design and construction phase. Therefore, according to the researches in terms of BIM course in architecture and
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