A Study On Leap Of Faith

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Leap of Faith I peered over the edge of the cliff, staring down at the murky water below, the incessant roar of the waterfall on my left reverberated in my ears. “Go on… jump!” my brother Josh prodded, impatiently shifting from one foot to the other. The last word he said seemed to echo and grow louder with each repetition, taunting me as I fearfully faltered away from the edge. I was standing in a cave behind one of the Tavoro waterfalls in Taveuni, Fiji. My parents, two brothers, and I were in Fiji on a 2 week mission trip. We’d spent most of the two weeks at a bustling compound, Vatuvonu Adventist School and Church, which consisted of a school, a church, a clinic, a few worn-down huts, assorted administration and dorm buildings, and a rickety dock with huge spaces in-between the worn wooden planks. While there we helped build a platform for a generator, fixed up a church, and ran a medical and dentistry clinic with the thirty other people in our mission group. We spent 10 of our 14 days at the compound, then took a ferry to Taveuni so we could stay at a resort for a few days. We wanted to explore the islands a bit and see what Fiji had to offer. We went snorkeling, we explored the tiny towns and villages, we went swimming in the Pacific Ocean, we rode a horse, we went flying in a tiny plane, and we tried many local foods. On one of our last days in Fiji we took a 2-hour bus ride to Bouma National Heritage Park, and hiked to the first Tavoro waterfall. After
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