A Study On Malaysian Institute Of Accountants

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Malaysian Institute of Accountants By-Laws Background The Malaysian Institute of Accountants website offers viewing of the code of ethics for practicing accountants (2010). As per the website and information therein, The Malaysian Institute of Accountants set up the Ethics Standard Board in June 2009 in order to supplement the Malaysian Government’s push to promote greater integrity and ethics. The vision of the Ethics Standard Board is to adopt high quality professional and ethical standards for the accountancy profession. Their mission is to promote good ethical practices and the globally finest practices for the usage of the accountancy profession in Malaysia. In addition to the vision and mission, the Ethics Standard Board has six objectives listed below. 1.) To serve the public interest by publishing professional and ethical standards which maximize the integrity of the accounting profession by laying out the highest principles of professional and ethical standards. 2.) To promote adherence to high quality ethical and professional standards and continuance of international merging of standards. Although they were 3.) To review the exposure drafts issued by the International Federation of Accountants International Ethics Standard Board for Accountants, and to submit comments thereon. 4.) To develop and issue clarification and guidance in order to assist with the implementation of the Institute’s By-Laws. 5.) To support the efforts put forth by the institute to promote

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