A Study On Management Practices

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MANAGEMENT PRACTICES Last Name/ First Name: Institution Affiliation: Introduction The changes in the world today are very much tremendous as far as complexity in the way people do conduct their everyday business is concerned. With the ever growing population that has been brought by the advancement in technology, businesses are always under pressure to satisfy the consumer’s demand (Medina, 2014). Therefore, each and every day that passes there is always a necessity for companies and organizations to work on improving their production and services offered to their esteemed customers. With the fast depletion of resources, companies have had to look for various ways that they can use to stay relevant in the business world that is changing every day. Several businesses have invested in technologies due the efficiency regarding the services and products they offer. Therefore, the companies have now been able to meet the needs of their customers fast and satisfy them. Thus, the worry of customers meeting their requirements late even though they requested for it late as a result of the rising population is reduced. Besides technology, several other things also make a business to stand tall among its competitors. One such business that has incorporated these other factors besides technology is the Dunkin Donuts store in the Midwest where I am the manager. The store which is a constituent of the Dunkin Donuts franchisee has over the last two year
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