A Study On My Colleague Career

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During my colleague career, I had multiple statistical and model prediction courses that gave me the required foundation to handle this project successfully. For instance, I had Probability Theory and Stochastic Process,
Thuy Mai
Kyle Jordan
VP Marketing
Rachelle Edllund Account Manager
John Nguyen
Surya Sunkara Opearations Research Analyst
MIke Nedeau VP Sales Independent Study in EMGT (Course Topic Robustness in Reverse Logistics) and Six-Sigma Quality courses that helped me to develop the required skill set. I also reviewed some related standards and reference books in order to increase my knowledge. Furthermore, I was proficient in Excel and Matlab programming that enabled me automates and analyze the data professionally in this project. I had worked on similar analytical projects before and due to my previous exposure to similar projects; my supervisor invited me to join the project and help the team develop a customer churn prediction model.
CE1.7 In the first step, I attended multiple meetings with my supervisor and other team members to understand the project goals fully. I quickly realized that there are a lot of steps and activities that I have to do in order to complete the project in time. Therefore, I started creating a timetable for the list the tasks I was responsible for. After I put together a draft of the activities, I scheduled a meeting with my supervisor to make sure that my personal schedule and deadlines are in full compliance with
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