A Study On My Current Ign

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IGN (Include Previous Names Also): My current IGN is 'Mehrp ' and my previous IGNs are: Chief_Constable, Passata, _Merp and Awesomerp. Age: Turned 15 this year a couple of months ago. Timezone: I am in the GMT timezone. This may be to my advantage as I often see a lack of EU staff members on some servers. Location : Bristol, England. Gender: Male How many hours can you play each day? 2-5 hours on a school day, normally the latter time, however, I will soon be entering a period of heavy examination meaning I have to complete lengthy homework tasks and revise for upcoming tests so I may occasionally only be on for a couple of hours on every odd day or so. The long hours I can be available for means that I can help many people throughout their day on Velt. Have you had any past experience? Although around 5 years ago when I was somewhat immature, I was an administrator on a small survival server known as "Draggoncraft" then later on called "VGS" for about . This server would only average around 5 players playing at any one time but it was a useful experience in helping me to mature nonetheless. I learnt the basics of making sure that players are happy and whilst although the server hardly had a professional staff team, I learnt to structure and organise, to a small extent, the current staff team that there was. The owner of that small server is, if I am correct, a developer on the ParaPvP Network. More recently I was a member of The Avicus Network 's staff team. The
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