A Study On My Favourite Maths Extension 2 And Chemistry

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UNSW - Medicine
Where did you attend primary school(s)? Where did you attend secondary school(s)? [20/50 words]
I attended Arden Anglican school and Sydney Grammar Preparatory School for primary school. I attended James Ruse Agricultural high school.
Which are (or were) your two favourite and your two least favoured subjects in your final year at school or in your most recent university studies? [50/50 words]
My favourite are Maths Extension 2 and Chemistry as I appreciate the challenging concepts requiring problem solving and the integration of theoretical concepts. My least favoured are Maths Extension 1 and Physics as, although I enjoy the subject, there is a major focus on formulae application with less understanding required.
Tell us about your involvement in community activities/voluntary work. [199/200 words]
I volunteered at the Dementia ward at Beecroft Nursing Home. By engaging with the elderly, providing them with company and sharing their stories, it acted as a recreational time for them and motivated me to see them on several occasions. It was a humbling experience, sometimes just sitting with no conversation and watching their facial expressions change as their mind wandered. A checkup for an ulcer on a patient’s back required both the nurse and doctor to help in calming her as she became suddenly aggressive but the staff persevered with care.
The High Resolves Leadership Team involved collaborating with peers, setting goals and an online discussion forum. The…

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