A Study On My Online Image

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Based on the above analysis I have identified three areas that I can realistically improve within the next three years. The first two involve education but are distinct enough to not simply classify in such a broad net. The two educational areas for improvement are bringing my certifications back into compliance and improving leadership skills. The third area that I feel needs improvement is my professional online image. I am in a field that requires certifications to not only show or prove the skillset that is listed on a resume, but certifications are often required due to contracts with customers. Leadership skills are in demand within the workplace as indicated by a recent survey by Development Dimensions International that shows “Consistent use of the Interaction Essentials is key to leader effectiveness. Given the very high proportion of employees feeling that their leader only sometimes or never uses these essentials” *** citation. My online image is negligible, but business are doing social media screening as part of their pre-employment check. Companies that handle background checks now bundle services bringing it into the norm (Lorman, 2013). My professional development plan is already underway. Two years ago I made the decision to go back to school and get a degree. The initial decision was based on the thought that I need to improve my knowledge about technology in order to take the next step in my career. Through this process I have learned that a professional
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