A Study On Mythical Creatures

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It turned into a cold and rainy day in my hometown of Autumn Burrow. It 's the place where everyone works day and night, and where I find fascinating creatures in the deep forests in this town. I study these creatures for a living, as it is my day job and I have nothing else to do. A huge majority of people who live in Autumn Burrow think I 'm a madman, but I take my studies seriously. I 've been investigating and researching on mythical creatures since I was 13 years old. I became a young prodigy, and surpassed all subjects and gained great knowledge. However, I haven 't been able to use that knowledge until years later. As I quitted working a University for a year, and went back to researching weird creatures that were rumored to live in…show more content…
Then as I walked even further more, I manage to find a little ghost-like creature lying to a tree with dead leaves. The tiny creature looked like he was crying, as tears are running down out of his sorrow eyes. It didn 't really seem like it was talking much, but I wanted to get the little guy 's attention.

"Hello. Are you lost? What 's wrong, are you ok?" I spoke to it as the creature as the creature took notice of my presence. The small shadow began look up at me, as it then noticed my presence.

"A-are you a monster? You look s-s-scary." It said as it was too frightened to even look at my face.

It was then that I knew I became fascinated with the tiny, shadow creature. I never saw anything like a living shadow, but I have discovered stranger things before. In any case, I decide to pick up the petite wisp, and let it follow me on my expedition through the evergreen forest. Thus far, Little Wisp, as I decide to call my shadow friend, went on to help me navigate dangerous parts of the forest. After walking for quite sometime, I then trip over from a small

indent in the ground. I fall face first into the dirt, as I felt a little dizzy. Brown lumps of earth covered my face, as the eerie, dark atmosphere already made me feel worse. Trying to get up off from the forest surface, I immediately turn to the sight of anther shadow monster looking down at me with a fearsome look. His white, soulless eyes and his hunched over back gave him a sense of intimidation. It

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