A Study On Need For Mentoring

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1. VIJAYA V. MYSOREKAR (2012) made a study on Need for mentorship to improve learning in low-performers in which he investigated that failure in academics between undergraduate medical students is because of reasons such as stress, hostel accommodation and language barrier. It was observed that Lifestyle in a hostel likewise were a crucial stress-inducing aspect, from the view that day-scholars undergo the pressure of daily commuting among the university and home. Language problems can easily hamper proper understanding and bring about poor oral and written expression, thus decreasing performance as was observed. 2. Rani Mohan raj and Latha (2005) made a study on Perceived Family Environment in Relation to Adjustment and Academic Achievement, Investigated that Family member’s environment factors on house adjustment revealed that house adjustment is influenced simply by amount of support and commitment in the family. The moment adolescent perceive more angriness, criticism and arguments in the family their educational performance goes down. Outcomes prove that home ambiance influences academic achievement. House atmosphere should be favorable to academic performance. 3. Charles Desforges with Alberto Abouchaar (2003) made a study on the impact of parental involvement, parental support and family education on pupil achievement and adjustment, Study establishes that parent involvement has a significant effect on children 's success and adjustment even after all other
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