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For more than two centuries, coffee has been a fundamental part of the culinary and social culture of New Orleans.
It’s not just the city’s penchant for chicory café au lait served alongside warm beignets. Nor is it just landmark gathering spots like Café du Monde and or Morning Call Coffee Stand that spawned the notion of the laborers’ coffee break and served locals and tourists for generations.
And it isn’t solely boozy Café Brulôt, the brandy-spiked coffee drink New Orleans families serve in slender china cups that makes
New Orleans a true coffee town.
Alongside these the gustatory expressions is the city’s historic and longstanding role in the coffee trade. New Orleans has been a significant coffee port for more than 200 years. Since the early 19th century, import companies have brought in green coffee beans from around the world through the Port of New Orleans. Today, it is the second largest coffee port in the country.
Among those importers, Westfeldt Brothers Inc. is one of the oldest of its kind in the United States. The company was first founded in
Mobile, Alabama, in 1851 by Swedish Vice Consul Gustavus Adolphus
George Westfeldt, who had immigrated to the U.S. in 1835. Westfeldt moved to New Orleans in 1853. By 1880, his company had become one of the country’s principal green coffee importers. Since then, it has been run by six generations of Westfeldts.
The latest generation is the first to be represented by a
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