A Study On Nutrition Assignment

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Nutrition Assignment The patient, E.G, is a 25-year-old female who weighs 190 pounds and is 61 inches tall. Calculating her BMI, according to Bates Mass Index Table, in relation to the patient’s weight and height she is categorized in the table as obese with a BMI of 36 (Hogan-Quigley, Palm, & Bickley , 2012). This indicates risks and potential health problems the patient may encounter in regards to her excess weight. The patient gave me a three-day diary in which she recorded what she consumed and drank in the matter in three days. From here I was able distribute the foods and fluids consumed into categorizations of calcium, carbohydrates, protein, fats, calcium, iron, sodium, magnesium, and vitamins A, B and C. This allowed me to visualize where the patient’s nutrition level is and if there is any deficit of excess in her diet. Excess in Diet As I reviewed the diet diary, I noticed two deficits in the patient’s diet that may have contribute to the excess weight the patient currently is. These two excess is carbohydrates and sodium. “Carbohydrates foods provides practical energy sources because of their wide availability, relatively low cost, and excellent storage of capabilities” (Staci Nix, 2013). Carbohydrates is important nutrient for the body. The body uses the carbohydrates and converts them to energy used to supply the cells, tissues and organs in the body. The body coverts carbohydrates into glucose. When the body receives an excessive amount
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