A Study On Obedience And The Obedience

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Milgram’s Experiment Marlene Reyes University of Phoenix PSYCH/620 May 4, 2015 Dr. Alice D. Akins Introduction Stanley Milgram wanted to do a study on the obedience to an authority figure, and the obedience is a situationist experiment that evidences what happened the real life (Badhwar, 2009). Milgram’s idea was the Holocaust situation and the Nazis who had the authority over European Jews, during World War II, when the Nazi killed thousands of people because they had power, as well as how lived Nazis enemies in the death camps. The point of the research was people behavior in the obedience situation, and Holocaust situation was more compliance behavior of the Jews. Milgram’s experiment had to use three participants’ one experimenter, teacher, and learner. Milgram wanted to make observations about if the obedience was a factor of the life or it was to the Nazis behavior and attitude. Milgram decided to post the experiment information in the newspaper, and he paid four dollars for one hour in the experiment. The teacher had to give some words to learn if the participant responded wrong he received electroshocks. To be specific, the researcher used a transmitter with 30 interrupted buttons with 15 volts to 450 volts. In other words, the research has to examine the capacity of the response of the participant and how is the resistance of an individual. The researcher wanted to analyze the memory of the participant to recall the words and response time.
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