A Study On Pharmacy Practice Experience Essay

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For my second Introductory to Pharmacy Practice Experience (IPPE II), I was assigned to shadow as an intern at Economy Drug Store on Macomb Street in Tallahassee, FL for three days. This was my second experience in the pharmacy setting, but my first time in the independent pharmacy. I was able to work with Mrs. Alexis McMillan, the pharmacist. I learned many new things while working on this site and I knew the experience would help me further my knowledge in my future career.
Economy Drug Store was opened in the 1950s by Mr. Howard Alexander Roberts and his wife, Geraldine Roberts. At the time, the store was the only African-American-owned pharmacy from Pensacola to Jacksonville. Mr. Roberts graduated from Florida Agricultural and Mechanical College (FAMC) in 1940 with a bachelor’s degree in agriculture. He served in World War II after graduated. When he returned, he decided to attend pharmacy school at Howard University and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in 1950. His wife, Mrs. Geraldine Roberts, was one of the two women who graduated in Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University’s first Pharmacy School. Mr. Howard Roberts passed away in 1990 because of leukemia and Hodgkin disease. The Economy Drug Store is running by Mrs. Alexis Roberts McMillan, one of his daughters.
Our store served any types of client, but mostly were patients from Apalachee Center. The Economy drug store has contracted with the Apalachee Center that all their prescriptions will be filled by
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