A Study On Rapid Evolution

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4. Introduction:
a. I have learned that rapid evolution has expanded exceedingly. Zuk shows this with an example of the average size of fish being way much smaller due to fishermen causing the fish to reproduce earlier than they normally do. Due to this, evolution regulated the growth and size of the fish variously, thus their sexual maturity became different.
b. Another thing that I have learned from the introduction is that evolving quickly is not always a good thing. When evolution occurs too fast, there’s only a small percentage of the population that survives while the rest of the population disintegrates. An example of this is the Black Death, where the death rates were about 95%. Thus, only the fittest were able to survive the plague while the rest perished.
Chapter 1:
a. An interesting topic that I studied in Paleofantasy was that shared ancestry does not address any type of genetic similarity in any peculiar trait. To my knowledge, I always thought that sharing ancestry with someone could lead to similarities in genetics, but I was wrong. This is not a possibility because it depends on how swiftly evolution happens. Thus, since various traits evolve at various rates, we cannot assume that we are genetically similar in any way.
b. Something interesting I learned was that evolution can happen without natural selection occurring. This means that species alter due to a shift of genes in populations, and it could possibly abolish sets of characteristics individuals…
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