A Study On Recruitment And Hiring Experience

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Reflect Upon a Time When you had a Negative Recruiting/Hiring Experience. What Were the Signs the Experience Wasn’t Going Well? A potential applicant telephones the Chaplain Recruiting Office and this starts an initial telephone consultation (an informal interview). Each recruiter starts accessing the potential candidate qualifications. During this time the candidate is asked about the Certificate of Ecclesiastical Endorsement and these individuals are unaware of the process to acquire the endorsement. When asked who is their denomination endorser, countless individuals respond that they have no idea about who is the endorser. This is a crucial problem because it typically is associated with a denomination that is not endorsed by the government. If this is the case, the recruiter will explain the endorsement process to have the denomination recognized. Others may not have communicated their intention with the endorser or explaining their desire to become an Air Force Chaplain. These individuals generally are acquainted with the endorser but did not understand their role in the recruiting process. Furthermore, questions are asked about any medical issues to obtain knowledge of potential problems or inform the member they would not be medically cleared for active duty. This is a significant issue generally with the Roman Catholic priest because they are typically older upon endorsement. In this case, medical clearance is normally conducted earlier in the process
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