A Study On Restaurant Patrons

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Restaurant Patrons
The restaurant patron were comprise of Asian, White, light skin Black, and myself Hispanic. Attendees were mostly in their 20’s with the exception of couple of older people. All of them seemed people of the working class or recently out of college. There was an equal ratio of females to males as most of the costumers came in pairs. Everybody seemed to be in good health as the patrons were young. Emotional appearance seemed normal, just taking their time to relax and enjoy each other’s company.
Their postures were made up of casual leaning. In towards the table, towards the people they were talking to or to the wall. There was approximately 30 people in the restaurant. They were dress casually, not baggy, or sports clothes, but the type of that you wear to go out. People mainly focused on their conversations before and after the meal. Small chatter was still accompanied their eating.
Some eat multiple dishes, including appetizer and main course, main course with dessert, or all three, others just one meal. Some order drinks with their meal, others just drink the water that was given to them at the beginning.
There was some differences. Size of groups and race varied. There was many people in pairs especially white people. The biggest group of people were male Asian. Multiple race where represented but whites were the majority. Only one family that I saw. Small children were not present. It was not necessarily a place where a family big or small would go…

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