A Study On Sampling Design

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Sampling Design Under the Pretest-Posttest with a control group design, the sampling technique to execute would be timeslots, with randomizations. Since last semester, the department use two sections in which integrated the revamped 6200 course and two section with the original design. Through the process of using timeslots, this assessment will allow participants to choose four different time slots that best suits their schedule for the semester. No participants will know which class is which, it will just be two sections of the course, four different time slots. Two classes will be the revamped course, the other two will be the traditional course. By using this type of design, this can eliminate selection bias. Once participants have begun their course, a pretest will be administered that test participants knowledge of public-sector administration, ethical protocol, execution all mutually related to being successful in public governance. Then at the end of the semester a post-test assessment would be given to test the participant’s knowledge. By utilizing this design, researchers are allowed to compare and contrast the final posttest results between the two groups, analyzing the overall effectiveness of this assessment. In addition, can determine from the results the researchers can see what changes occurs in the pretest and posttest, whether the case study group, or both the case study and traditional group , or neither improved over the semester or remain in the same

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