A Study On School Social Workers

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Health issues, lack of family support, as well as poverty and feelings of inferiority lead to poor attendance in schools. They thought “visiting teachers” known as school social workers today should be assigned to address these issues in children to decrease the rates of poor attendance in our youth. In 1918 the compulsory attendance law was passed in each state. Compulsory school attendance refers to the minimum and maximum age required by each state in which a student must be enrolled in and attending some type of equivalent education program defined by the law.
Though in 1916, Jane Culbert defined the role of school social workers to be “.. the visiting teacher interprets to the parents the demand of school and explains the particular difficulties and needs of the child” (Paula Allen ­Meares, Robert O. Washington, and Betty L. Welsh, 26). In 1925 Julius Oppenheimer created a study to come up with a more detailed list from what Jane Culbret came up with in 1916. This study involved 300 case reports from visiting teacher services.
The growth of school social workers has risen since the 1970’s. We know now that there are 25 states associated with NASW. NASW being the National Association of Social Work. In
1976 there were three areas of standards on which was developed.
Attainment of competence
Organization and administration
Professional practice
Though in 1992 the service was revised by the Education Task Force. Throughout the history of school social workers,…
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