A Study On Scottish Football Clubs

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The focus of this study is on Scottish football clubs that competed in the top two tiers of the league during the 2014-2015 season, using two club interviews to gain a further insight. It was made clear in the conclusions of the literature review that the contribution of CSR activities by Scottish football clubs to the ‘game’ in Scotland was not clearly understood and so therefore this study contained three consecutive objectives. These were to:

1. Investigate the CSR measures adopted by Scottish professional football clubs between August 2014 and July 2015, as well as on club websites in July 2016, to distinguish what kind of social and environmental initiatives have been launched.

2. Evaluate the similarities and differences between the club’s activities.

3. To challenge the current views on CSR in the sporting and football industry, using Scottish football as an example and, by doing so, question the critical literature on CSR.

This chapter aims to discuss the research strategy adopted to address the above objectives, together with the ways in which the data was collected, including the selection of site and sample, as well as the analysis approach that was adopted. The first objective requires collecting secondary data from football club’s annual reports and then websites, the second discussing the differences between the organisations on paper, as well as analysing and comparing this to the collection of primary data through the use of interviews. Lastly, the…
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