A Study On Secured Data Transfer Over Disruption Tolerant Networks

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A study on Secured Data Transfer over Disruption Tolerant Networks

Krishna Kaushik Tadikonda

Table of Contents
1. Literature Review
2. Existing Techniques
3. Research Agenda
4. Proposed Solution
5. Timeline
6. Bibliography Literature Review
In complex military network scenarios, wireless devices connections carried by soldiers may be temporarily disconnected by jamming, some environmental factors, and more importantly mobility, especially when they operate in combative environments. Disruption-tolerant network (DTN) technologies are becoming successful solutions that allow nodes to communicate with each other in these extreme wireless-networking environments. In a typical scenario, when there is no possibility for end-to-end connection between a source and a destination pair, disseminating messages from the source node may need to wait in the interim nodes for a specific amount of time until the connection would be fully established. Many of these military applications require maximum protection of confidential data including methods for access control that are cryptographically enforced.

In most of these cases, it is desirable to provide distinguished access services so that there is a possibility for defining data access policies over user attributes or roles, which can be managed by the key authorities. For an instance, in a disruption-tolerant based military network, a commander can store confidential information at a storage node, which…
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