A Study On Shark Tank

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Since 2009, the renowned reality show, Shark Tank, has been giving small business entrepreneurs hope – allowing them to achieve dreams which previously appeared impossible. In this television show, five multi-millionaire and billionaire investors, known as “sharks”, invest their time and money into small businesses which they believe will succeed with their expertise. Each entrepreneur who enters the “Shark Tank” must attempt to convince these “sharks” that their business is worth their investment. If the entrepreneurs succeed, the “sharks” may battle between each other so that they can partake in this business. However, not every entrepreneur receives an offer. Only those with the greatest ideas and business plans receive investment offers from the “sharks”. The mission was to determine whether author Lisa Lenzo has what it takes for Shark Tank. Is she motivated to make her business succeed? Does her business address an ongoing problem or need? Would her business thrive and grow with the help of a “shark”? As a part of my search, I had the privilege of attending a contemporary writers’ presentation from Lisa. She shared her personal story explaining why writing is important to her and the reason she began writing. It was through this presentation that I discovered whether or not Lisa was the right candidate for Shark Tank.
If you want to be on Shark Tank, you have to be a motivated entrepreneur. You have to be willing to acknowledge your downfalls, learn from
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