A Study On Singapore 's Police Force

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Before Singapore finally became one of the most successful nations with powerful worldwide exchange connections and their Gross Domestic Product is comparable to the superior countries in the western part of Europe, in 1819 they used to be a british exchange community. Singapore has about eight or nine different languages and religions and about four different kinds of ethnic groups. This country has one of the most aged police force organizations and most of the crime has gone down over the years. Singapore’s police force is represented by their history, their mission, and their values and vision of a better protected society.
Singapore is a country with a population of about 5.5 million people. Their population grew since 1960, which there was only about 1.7 million people living in Singapore at the time. Most of the population consists of men, women, and children. The percentages in 2014 of children below fifteen years of age is close to sixteen percent. For people between fifteen and sixty four years is about seventy three percent. Also for people above sixty five years is about eleven percent. The life expectancy at birth, in years, for males and females differs because males are expected to live to about eighty, while females are expected to live to about eighty five years of age. There were ups and downs when it came to the unemployment rate. The unemployment rate in Singapore was around 2.48 percent in 1986, but is now around 2 percent. The number of…
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