A Study On Southern Illinois University

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“Q: How many SIU freshmen does it take to change a light bulb? A: None. That is a sophomore course.” (Top 20 Jokes about Southern Illinois University Carbondale Salukis Basketball). Although the joke about Southern Illinois University, Carbondale is making fun of the university, many people think of Southern Illinois University as one of the most prestigious schools in America. “SIU embraces a unique tradition of access and opportunity, inclusive excellence, innovation in research and creativity, and outstanding teaching focused on nurturing student success. As a nationally ranked public research university and regional economic catalyst, we create and exchange knowledge to shape future leaders, improve our communities, and transform lives” (Southern Illinois University). Southern Illinois University is an excellent school that student should consider going to, but it is expensive and is located in a dangerous city. In the city of Carbondale, most of the crime happens outside of the campus and around the rest of the city such as theft and rape. Carbondale, Illinois is in the 94 percentile of cities with the most crime in America. Southern Illinois University is in Carbondale, IL, and has many advantages to being in a medium sized city. There are restaurants everywhere, there is a lot of things to do, but there is a lot of crime and is one of the most dangerous towns in America. Only six percent of cities in Illinois are more dangerous than Carbondale. There are more
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