A Study On Storm Water Drainage And Management System Evaluation

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This section presents the team 's approach in conducting the study on Storm Water drainage and management system evaluation and its detailed design program. The Streams Tech team will provide all necessary labor, materials, supervision, and professional and technical support to conduct the study.
In achieving the study objectives listed in the previous section, the study shall be divided into phases as follows:
• Phase I will comprise of detailed field and topographic survey to identify all the streams and storm water/drainage system with associated problems and issues such as encroachment/Property Affected Persons (PAPs), siltation, design deficiencies, inadequate capacity, etc., from Allentown to Hamilton with a view towards solving the flooding problems affecting roads and property in the Freetown Municipality. A base map showing all the features and the seasonal flood areas will be produced. Recommendations for restoration/improvement and management of the system with indicative costs will be provided during this first phase reporting.
• Phase II will consist of the production of detailed engineering design of the storm water/drainage system including all the hydraulic structures in accordance with the recommendations in Phase I. Tender documents will also be produced during this phase. The deliverables in this Phase II will include the design drawings and the tender documents.
The tasks in Phase I will comprise primarily of…
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