A Study On Student 's Abilities

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Design a Study
Teachers who have higher expectations of their student’s abilities will have a higher academic achievement as compared to teachers who have low expectations of their students abilities. In this study, the independent variable is the expectation of the teachers on their student’s abilities, and the dependent variable is the student achievements based upon the teacher expectations. The achievements can be measured by monitoring classrooms in a high school setting for English class for one year, with some classes having a teacher with high expectations, and other classes having a teacher with low expectations. The achievements would be measured by a preliminary assessment, test results, quarterly reports, and an end of year
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The first limitation I came across was that the students themselves can determine their academic achievements. For example they could be really good students who try there hardest no matter what or there could be bad students who do not care if you have high expectations or not. Secondly, the subject at hand can also have a big influence. In this case the

subject is English because it is a requirement class. Therefore if the student enjoys english they will do very well and achieve good things because they enjoy learning about the subject. But if the student does not enjoy english they will not care to do their best on their work and will do the minimum to just pass the class. Lastly, the atmosphere they are in is also another thing that can influence the student. If they are in an atmosphere where the whole class acts up and does not do their work they will follow in those footsteps. However if they are surrounded by a mixture of people who do their work or do not do their work they will choose to do what they think is best.
Fear and Affiliation
In a previous study, a researcher decided to test if people who experience fear prefer to be alone or with other people. In this study, the participants were all women and were randomly assigned to either condition— the “fear” condition and the “no fear” condition. The dependent variable being the women and how their emotions and choice to stay together or alone will be measured, and the
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