A Study On Sub Saharan Africa

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Imagine yourself living in the worst conditions ever in Africa where many people live less than a $1 a day. Your living conditions are so bad that you are deprived of the most basic human needs where you don’t even have access to clean water, shelter, medicine and food. Now imagine where hundreds of millions of people in Africa living like this. What you think about such a horrible living condition?
Before I started my work on this topic, I was already aware that poverty is a tremendous issue in Africa through my research in reading articles online. What I didn’t know was that the scale of poverty was so tremendous and that it’s very widespread in the continent. But in my paper, I will be focusing primarily on Sub-Saharan Africa. Before I started this research, I didn’t have much focus on this issue, but after learning this, I became more interested in it.
By conducting this research, I want to know exactly how big this problem is. I want to know the potential solutions to help solve this issue. I want to find out the best and most effective solution to solve this issue and not just solving it, but improving the lives of the people and community. So my question is: What can we do to effective combat poverty and what are the effective solutions to solve poverty in Africa and preventing it from happening?

Story Of My Search My research began in class during the third advisory. I started reading articles that are useful for my research as sources. I wrote a summary for
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