A Study On The Berkeley Hotel

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No organisation can progress without establishing and maintain excellent relationships with customers, employees, suppliers and stakeholders. This case study will focus on the Berkeley Hotel, based in London, and investigate how the relationships within its workforce can affect customer experience and satisfaction. Specifically, this paper will evaluate how corporate advantages, such as streamline vision and mission, customer relationship management, strong team working and customer loyalty can be fundamental in order to achieve company’s objectives. The intention of this study is to compare these issues through the hospitality industry and understand where faulty procedures can take place, how can be detected and how significant…show more content…
Literature Review It is acknowledged in the hospitality literature that in order to succeed companies have to establish seamless internal and external relationships. (Lolli, 2013). Facing the reality, there are many elements which could help hotels to maintain and optimise effective corporate relations. Although, this factor might be not enough to establish a competitive advantage towards the competitors, it must be strictly connected to the end-customer in order to lead companies to business success (Carlos Bou‐Llusar and Segarra‐Ciprés, 2006). According to Gronroos(2004) the relationship is seen in a marketing perspective, he suggests that strong connection between various departments of an organisation and its supply chain could create additional value to the service and moreover for the end-consumer. This connections could allow the company to have an ongoing relationship with the customer, making him feel secure and developing a sense of trust which underlies to organisational success (Men, 2014). Furthermore, another significant aspect to consider in the hospitality sector is the fact that a service is considered as intangible, perishable and inseparable from the service provider (Solnet, 2012). This notion
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