A Study On The Big Data

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Abstract— Big data is a very important subject in modern times with the rapid advancement of new technologies for example smartphones, pc/laptops, game consoles, that all in some way gather information that is stored. Big companies are needing a place to not only store all the data that is coming in but to also analyze it for specific purposes and at the fastest speed manageable. There are many different providers out there who provide this service, this paper will talk about one way the company Google handles data using their own special made platform. 1. INTRODUCTION In modern times, the amount of data being stored is terrifically large. Companies must deal with such abundance of data on a daily basis in both storing and analyzing as fast as they can. Google is one such company that not only store data but they analyze data from each user using their product. The platform used by google for this database management is called BigQuery, which runs in the cloud and provides real time information. In this survey, the inner working of BigQuery is glossed over to show how this platform manages to do the job it is supposed to do. 2. WHAT IS BIG DATA Big data is a vast amount of information, both structured and unstructured, unstructured is information that is not easy to interpret by traditional databases and structure being the opposite, which is easy to interpret data made form text or image. Structured or unstructured, the main business of big data is categorized in to three
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