A Study On The Biology Course Essay

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The results of the experiment vary from what is reported by previous studies (Curry, 2013, Enattah et al., 2002, & Tishkoff, 2007). The experiment was conducted on students currently in the Biology 225 course in Schenectady, NY. The class was primarily composed of individuals whom are descendants of Europe. Therefore, an assumption was made that by in large, the percentage of lactase persistent in the class that was expected was going to be near 95% (Curry, 2013). However, such a high percentage was not found. Of the class, only 49.3% of individuals were determined to possess a genotype that results in a phenotype of lactase persistence. Conversely, 40.8% of the class was found to carry the genotype lct/lct which results in the phenotype of lactase non-persistence. Therefore, the results are nearly 50% off from what we expected initially. This could be for numerous reasons, but perhaps the assumption should not have been made. The results fit much better when compared to the world average occurrence of lactase persistence. Curry notes that out of all individuals over the age of 8 years old, only 35% still possess the ability to digest and breakdown the lactose in dairy products (2013). The results do fit closer to the world average, therefore indicating that the assumption may have been wrong, the results of the experiment still do not necessarily indicate whether the total population of students in the Spring 2016 Biology 225 class fits the societal model where there is a

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