A Study On The Cafe Bar

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I like Starbuck’s menu, and particularly hot White Chocolate Mocha, skim milk with no whip cream. For the purpose of this assignment, I decided to sit in one of Starbuck’s stores located in Virginia and observe its environment. This Starbucks store is located inside the Tysons mall. I have been to this particular store before, but this time it was very surprisingly different in many ways. I did not have anything specific to monitor when I first entered the place. I sat on the Café bar so I can view the three seating sections at the place. There were 5 employees in the store with two standing at the cashier, one taking pre-orders, and two others making the orders. I took a book with me to infer that I am a student, while
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The latter interaction rarely happened. The cashier greets all customer so warmly that you think she is an old friend. The name of drinks at Starbucks are unique, as well as their sizes. I found the order-language used by customers to be very important. A French family, of two parents and a baby, kept telling the cashier that they went two medium mochas. In the Starbucks dictionary, a medium cup size would translate to “Grande”. Another problem is that they have more than one type of Mochas, such as Caramel or Vanilla etc…The third issue is that they should say if they wanted it to be hot or cold. The French family did not know all of this and they seem confused. Jim explained that the situation above happens in nearly all the places, where Starbucks opens for the first time or new customers enter. I found that language used is a good indicator to identify the regulars from the newcomers.
The decorations of Starbucks store are unique and customer-friendly. When a person enters a new restaurant or Café for the first time, they immediately try to identify the proper action and look at how other people behave. Once you walk in at Starbucks, you are guided by the ropes to enter the wait line so you can place an order. An interesting observation was that the first thing most customers take a glimpse at is the ropes. It
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