A Study On The Children

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Hi Families, It is almost the end of the year and the students have accomplished so much. I am fortunate enough to witness exploration and creativity every day with your children. The growth I’ve seen so far is remarkable! Shy little ones who barely spoke back in September are now approaching me and telling me all about their weekend and their best play date party EVER! It has been an exciting month in the rainforest! Measurements are all around us and the children have been “measuring up” to everything in the classroom. Every day the children have been experimenting with real objects to gain understanding measurement concepts. To begin this week’s lesson, the children measure and compare the circumference of objects, they measure the distance objects travel, and they explored the concept of volume by measuring how much of a certain material fits into a different container. Below are some of the activities we have done this week. • The children learned that different objects can have the same or different circumference. We started the lesson by talking about previous measuring activities we did in our “Living Things in the Neighborhood” theme. We talked about the activity we did on measuring trees and I asked the children to recall what we did when we measured the circumference of the trees. Some of the children remembered the activity and commented that we used a measuring tape to measure the tree. They did not remember the meaning of the word circumference, so I

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