A Study On The City Of Dreams

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It is said that if you can make it in New York, then you can make it anywhere. This is one of the most compelling states with its large food eateries, farmers markets, diverse culture, 24 hour diners, variety of food options, and amazing views/scenery. A city so large and in charge. With this being said, it is one of the most demanding, expensive cities and one of the most challenging to do business. This has increased to alarming rates of pristine restaurant concepts, with the anticipation of success. Chefs/ restaurant owners from all across the states and all around the world travel to New York with the aspirations to open their restaurants to make it big in the industry. Some of the rising above the tide, but so many diminishing before our eyes. The city of dreams offers the chance to become a huge success so much that restaurant owners come to lay everything on the line; sadly sometimes costing those their business. What is it about this place that has us all enraged yet eager to do great things even when we are faced with every possible obstacle? The fact of the matter is that New York is the place where dreams come alive and unfortunately, come to die. In this aspect, one can conjure the idea that many restaurant owners strive to create a successful restaurant establishment on a leap of faith rather than research, knowledge, finance, and experience. Restaurants emerge at a fast growing pace in NYC. However, owners are not equipped to run an…

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