A Study On The Community Health Course

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The Community health Course was the longest course and was taught over the 5 year period in different modules that carried different credit units and different contact hours. The course was divided into 8 modules with a total of 14 credit Units. The modules covered in this course include; Biostatistics and Demography, Environmental Sanitation, Epidemiology, Control of Communicable Diseases, Maternal and Child health , Research Methods, Occupational Health, and Health Services Management module. The Biochemistry and Demography module introduced the basics mathematical models used to study health data. Under this, we covered normal distribution of data and the representation of data on charts and graphs. The Environmental Sanitation module introduces the concept of water and sanitation in the community and the disease that could arise in the community due to poor sanitation and the lack of access to clean water in the community. The module also cover introduce to the student on how what can be made safe for the community with a case study of the water plant in Mbarara District. Under the Research Methods module student were introduce to the research concept and types of research methods that are, Qualitative and Quantitative methods. Also, the Occupational health module introduced the student to the history of occupation and the Challenges of the work environment and how work can cause disease. The other Modules were self-tutored module lead by students in different groups.
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