A Study On The Concord Waterfall

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Grenada is one of the islands in the Caribbean that has the potential to capture both local and foreign markets in terms of Eco, Health and Wellness Tourism, but there are some challenges that have ensued in establishing this product on the market. This study is mainly based on the principles of ………………………….. and how it can be applied or is applied to the Concord Waterfall which is the focus of my study. The Concord Waterfall is an ideal location to invest in the area of eco, health and wellness tourism. Presently, in the Caribbean region health and wellness sector has an estimated value of USD 180 million. Although the health and wellness sector has the ability to contribute significantly to the region’s development, it is still due to the lack of integrated strategies among the Caribbean countries to cater to the development of this sector of the countries. To compare, Thailand’s export of health and beauty products in 2005 was estimated at $8.72 million USD according to Department of Export Promotion while the Spa industry generated a staggering $155 million USD in revenue increasing year on year (Tourism Intelligence International (TII) 2009). This trend stands to be the most compelling argument for pursuing Wellness Tourism development in Grenada who is geographically much closer to the significant USA and UK markets and speak the same language. (Russell, 2013) Given spa and wellness service’s strong historical foundation and broadening scope, this niche may well be

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