A Study On The Culinary Arts

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When I was in High School I attended Atlantic County Institute of Technology (ACIT) studying the culinary arts half my school day, and the other half was spent at Mainland Regional High School (MRHS). I was offered this program due to the fact I was labeled as having ADD at the time. This vignette is not about my ADD or my horrible experience at ACIT, but about about one single month of my senior year English class. The year had whirled by and it was almost summer, but when it was time to read Shakespeare Romeo and Juliet my high school English teacher decided that instead of reading the classic play the class would watch a sub-par movie staring Leonardo DiCaprio instead. Sitting in my seat mulling over the realization that my Senior English teacher did not think neither I or my classmates could handle the complexities of Shakespeare 's extraordinary play I melted into a puddle of self pity in my chair. The bate and switch my English teacher had just performed upon me had just discouraged me. This label of not being good enough fractured my self image. After a brief summarization of Romeo and Juliet my teacher turned the lights off and the projector beamed to life. During my Senior year MRHS transitions towards a block schedule so my English class lasted around and hour and half, so we finished the horrible movie within one class period. Luckily this English class was the last period of the day. Once the bell rang I just sat their looking at the white screen in awe at
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