A Study On The Eye Surgery

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Ms Florence Yap is an Operating Room RN I/06; a BSN degree holder, graduating as Magna Cum Laude at Florida Atlantic University in 2014. He is a valuable member of the operating room, demonstrating leadership within and outside the realms of the operating room. Ms Yap serves as staffs nurse; she step up and assumes the responsibility of Special Equipment and Instrumentation Coordinator. This proficiency report demonstrates examples of how Ms. Yap uses her nursing knowledge and skills to provide nursing care exceeding the Qualification Standards in the four areas for a Nurse I. Ms. Yap provided input to this proficiency.

• Team leader for the Eye Service. Ms Florence Yap coordinates with the prosthetics/ logistics, surgical scheduling nurses, surgeons, and surgical service to ensure implants/lens availability for the eye cases. The eye surgery has identified issues in implant availability leading to cancellations and dissatisfaction among surgeons and patients. In the 1st quarter of FY2015, eye surgery has been identified as the main outlier for lag time the. Since Ms Yap assumed the Lead RN for Eye Service, first case start and lag time has improved tremendously; cancellation rate for eye cases (related to implant availability) has lowered to zero percent. Dr McCartney, Dr Kishor and other eye surgeons commend Ms Yap and her team in the improvement of the surgical metrics for the eye service.
• Ensure safe surgical nursing
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