A Study On The Gecko Adhesive System

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Nanoscience is the study of objects measured in nanometers. To give a better perspective of size, one nanometer is one-billionth of a meter, or about eighty thousand times smaller than the diameter of a single human hair. A particular application of nano-materials in nature is the use of nano-finger tips which allow geckos to walk on walls. The gecko adhesive system incorporates one million foot hairs or setae in on each finger. One hair or seta contains a thousand of spatula tips which allow the geckos to attach to the wall. Synthetic nano-materials can be produced which exhibit strong adhesion effects similar to the gecko nano-finger tips. There are already many nano-tech products on the market which utilize synthetic nano-materials. One of the focuses of this paper will be on combining synthetic polymers with proteins to produce nano-sized medicines used in cancer treatment. Nanometer-sized particles have optical, magnetic, chemical, and structural properties that allows for great potential applications in medicine which include: drug delivery, medical imaging, diagnosis and sensing, and therapy. In nanomedicine, drug delivery is the most productive area and most established technology in the nanomedicine market. Because of this, interest has grown in the area exponentially.
Cancer nanotechnology is a sector of nanomedicine which has core foundations in the use of nanoparticles which display unique properties potentially useful in oncological practices. There is a…
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