A Study On The Girls ' Chase Down The Tracks Of An Unsuspecting Lizard '

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I watched the girls cheerfully chase down the tracks of an unsuspecting lizard. I warned them not to run off ahead so they did not scare the lizard. They had no care in the world. It was delightful seeing my girls enjoying hunting because it’s something I hope they remember throughout their lives. I spotted the lizard absorbing the rays of the sun, it was perched a tree. Then Molly spotted the lizard and with no hesitation ripped it from the tree and placed it on the ground. I raise my spear into the air as if I was an eagle diving for a defenceless mouse. I threw the spear with great force killed the lizard almost instantly. The girls carried the lizard back to camp, joyfully running along. It is great being able to teach the girls the way of their ancestors so like me they can pass it on to their children. I wanted to make sure the girls learn as much as they can about their culture even though are half caste. Many things in which they will be taught will be very useful in the future .We walked until we arrived at the tribe and gave the lizard to one of the tribe members so it could be cooked.

It had been a good day. The girls where learning and everything was fine. I look over into the distance and I could see two white men on horse. I thought they were both workers from the jigalong outpost. I noticed one was wearing a uniform, a navy blue uniform. It was one of Mr Devil’s men looking for half castes. I yelled at the girls to hide. I could not afford for him to see…

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