A Study On The Health Of The Oa ( Osteoarthritis )

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Whether OA (osteoarthritis) is a new subject you wish to learn about, or whether you want to refresh/further extend your knowledge on this subject, here are two different websites that each provides the adequate amount of information. You will be able to use the information provided on each website to choose the one that takes your educational needs to the max. Arthritis.org Arthritis.org is the website to visit if you do not have a medical background or even basic medical knowledge. Medical jargon is not used and the minimal amount of technical language used is defined. The primary purpose of this website is to provide the primary audience with information so they are able to help themselves or their loved ones manage this disease. Men and women from about age 16 to 80 (granted they have the vision to read) will be able to understand information provided as long as they have certain educational fundamentals. These include: reading, general elementary knowledge, basic anatomy definitions, and basic computer skills (since information is provided on a website). Students in high school and in entry college courses will be able to use this information for projects or reports, therefore teaching fellow students. Since simple medical terminology is defined, the medically naïve will be able to quickly learn about this disease. The purpose of being informal is to give ease and comfort to these types of readers. Being new to the subject, they need to not feel overwhelmed or
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