A Study On The Luxury Hotel Industry

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CHAPTER 4. RESEARCH Overview This chapter will discuss the methodology used to enhance the study, and justifies it as a fitting process for the subject of the paper. This chapter opens explaining qualitative methodology and why it is the chosen method for the study. Then, after, it details the process of data collection. Qualitative Methodology The research question of this study concerns how the luxury hotel industry can adapt to Chinese conceptualizations and consumer behavior. As the study focuses on culture and values, and how they are represented in Chinese actions and expectations, qualitative methods were determined to be the best process to understand the issue. We find cultural studies are thoroughly grounded in qualitative research due to its roots in disciplines such as anthropology. [Atkinson 2005] Qualitative research is defined as a study that uses nonnumeric data in the form of words (Schwandt, 2001), and provides an interpretive view that in comparison to quantitative research provides different strategies of inquiry through techniques such as interviews, focus groups, and ethnography. Qualitative methods allow the researcher to study individuals, consider and discover processes, as well as learn about the general culture sharing behavior of the subjects or individuals studied (Creswell 2009) As the study focused on the impact culture has on consumer behavior, the method of qualitative research chosen were interview styled questions. This is the best
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