A Study On The Luxury Hotel Industry

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This chapter will discuss the methodology used to enhance the study, and justifies it as a fitting process for the subject of the paper. This chapter opens explaining qualitative methodology and why it is the chosen method for the study. Then, after, it details the process of data collection.

Qualitative Methodology
The research question of this study concerns how the luxury hotel industry can adapt to Chinese conceptualizations and consumer behavior. As the study focuses on culture and values, and how they are represented in Chinese actions and expectations, qualitative methods were determined to be the best process to understand the issue. We find cultural studies are thoroughly grounded in qualitative
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Data Collection
The data was collected physically through an in-person interview in a classroom in Antibes, France. The final interview questions were also sent and collected via email to international hospitality leaders/industry professionals who were selected to participate based on their experience and tenure on the subject of Chinese consumers. Due to their various geographic locations, as well as their complicated summer schedules, it was deemed impossible to conduct an in person and/or phone conversation with the industry professionals. Under these circumstances, email proved to be the best solution to connect and contact industry professionals. The classroom was considered and founded to be an excellent interview site for the study to reach Chinese consumers due to the consistent population of Chinese students and possible luxury buyers. In an average classroom size of about 60 students, there was an average of approximately 20 Chinese students. However, as graduate students on a student income, it was not guaranteed that all students participating would be consumers of luxury. The interview questions went through phases of edits, and the first questions were chosen and asked to confirm that respondents were, in fact, purchasers of luxury. This was to confirm that their other responses following the confirmation could be advantageously used in aiding the study. The international hospitality leaders given the interview questions were
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