A Study On The Nursing Program

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The nursing program will have planned clinical practice experiences integrate throughout the curriculum. The planned practice experiences for the Post University RN to BSN program, provide opportunities for students to provide care, influence health, and integrate new knowledge and skills into nursing practice. Practice experiences are closely aligned to learning outcomes at the course and program level. In addition, these practice experience address many of the AACN Baccalaureate Essentials. All practice experiences will be assessed by the course faculty of record. Students must complete all required practice experience activities in each RN to BSN course, as well as submit all required documentation. Students who do not demonstrate attainment of expected outcomes, or fail to complete a required practice experience, will be required to make up the activity prior to receiving credit for the practice experience. All students will be required to complete all practice experiences prior to graduation from the program. The process for assessment of practice experiences is as follows: • The student completes the practice experience. • The course instructor assesses the practice activity with a grading rubric designed specifically for the experience. • The student logs practice hours and submits all required documents related to the practice experience to the student tracking system. • The Academic Program Manager (APM) verifies submission of the practice experience hours,
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