A Study On The Poor Integration System

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IP Internetworking Assignment
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November 13, 2014
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Executive Summary
In the paper, the researcher learned about the poor integration system that was created by the consulted. In order to improve the system there were certain things that had to be enhanced such as the security within four main department of the campus, so it was necessary to find the best way to reduce the WAN, include a VLAN structure and reduce broadcast traffic.
An IP addressing table that includes routes for Denver and Houston was created to update the router and link addresses. A multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) will be used to enhance the security and the label within so that it can make the decision regarding the best option to transfer data from downstream to upstream. A public-client network citizenship will also be linked with the WAN reduce unwanted network traffic. A VLAN structure will also be implemented to enhance the security.
After the implementation the new structure. The routing protocol for the router can speech a language that they can understand to transfer data across links. The public-client network citizenship (GPO) will reduce redundant links. The new IP addresses gives the computer the ability to communicate anywhere in remote location.
There are enough IP addresses available for growth. A min. of 20% growth is available with the network. If they need more IP address they will have to go…
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